Welcome to the University of St Andrews Doctor Who Appreciation Society!

Hi! Did you know that St Andrews has a fantastic society full of friendly faces, food, Doctor Who, and occasionally bad dancing? It does, and we're it! A year's membership is £3 (which you'll eat in biscuits in no time) and we meet every two weeks to watch some episodes of Doctor Who, eat snacks, have a little quiz, and laugh at everything that could possibly be taken as innuendo. Prose is hard, so here's some bullet points:


Years and years ago, in the midsts of time, a few friends gathered in the basement of the then named Hamilton Hall, to watch some Doctor Who, do a bit of heckling and in general have a good old time. 12 years on, and here we stand - an affiliated society, with a large membership that only grows larger every year as love for the Doctor travels. We like this.

What do?

Every fortnight, we gather together to enjoy adventures through time and space with the Doctor. We make jokes. We meet other Whovians. We realise that the BBC budget has grown so much since 1963, and we are grateful for it.

Our committee

The society is run *cough* by a small commitee of 16 students.

Hope to see you soon!

Thank you, internet-adventurer, for checking out our website. You are most welcome along to any of our viewings - whether you don't have a clue what a TARDIS is, or if you've tried to build one, it doesn't matter. Come along, have some cake, and see what all the fuss is about!